About the video:

Nívea da Costa Soares is a Brazilian Christian singer, songwriter, worship pastor, writer and television presenter. We had the privilege of producing her music video for one of her most popular songs called “Sobre as Aguas” (Above the Waters). The proposed story called for some really challenging scenes, including shooting in the brazilian slums. We overcome all those challenges and shot the film on a couple of days.

It was super exciting launching the video on her official youtube page (Link) and in a matter of hours see the view count rise up to thousands in less than an hourand currently at over 2.4 million views! The best of all was that every comment talked about how the video was impacting the viewer’s life in some way or another and that is what matter for us, we want our work reflect our clients views and communicate their message and we believe we reached the goal.

Bonus behind the scene footage: